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LPG for Domestic Purpose

At RAVI GAS SERVICE, through all of our Gurugram activities we believe in providing comfort to customers.With that in mind, we launched ‘Beyond LPG’ in 2004

LPG For Industrial Purpose

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) can indeed be a viable and efficient fuel option for various industrial uses. Here are some reasons why LPG is considered

LPG for Commercial Purpose

Commercial usage of LPG gas (liquefied petroleum gas) is quite common and widespread. LPG is a versatile and convenient fuel source that finds.



Our Director, Mr. Ravindra Singh is a Law Graduate and he has a long sales experience prior to inception of Ravi Gas Service in 2004. His vision, experience and guidance has led our company to be the leader of LPG Distribution in Gurugram and we have achieved great success under his leadership. He challenged the assumption of the industry to provide innovative and most valued services and he has an in depth understanding of LPG Industry as well as customer requirements.

About us Ravi Gas Service


We are a professionally managed LPG Distributorship of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited focused primarily on Domestic and Commercial LPG Sales. We are a team of vibrant and young professionals who are transforming the LPG business in Gurugram and our company is a natural choice for LPG gas cylinders for Domestic as well as Industrial use by all forward looking, smart companies. From our inception in 2004 we have earned the reputation of being a highly reliable provider of Domestic and Commercial gas cylinders connection Provider of Gurugram. In a short span of time we have never heard of performance figures of LPG Distribution Industry and became one of the largest Domestic and commercial LPG distributors of BPCL. We have a team of professionals who are engaged with Diesel to LPG Conversion in Gurugram and adjoining Districts.

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LPG Leakage

Become an Installer

Become a Supplier


Starting from a portable 5kg cylinder, hugely popular 19 kg package, space saving 35 kg cylinders to the large 47.5 kg capacity cylinders to the Jumbo 422 Kg Hippo Cylinders Bharatgas comes in various packages. Bulk tankers of various capacities from 6 MT to 18 MT allows liberty to the customers to choose the package as per their requirement. The state of the art blending plant at JNPT enables Bharatgas to provide butane and propane separately resulting in enhanced end product performance for the customers needing them.

These cylinders are used majorly for Industrial & Commercial Sector. Ravi Gas Service is at advantage in terms of weight & Prices as govt. subsidies are not applicable in these sections. We provide LPG which is much cleaner & pocket friendly prices. This make us a leader in Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Sector.


Ravi Gas Service provides LPG Supply for your textile industry, LPG can be used in many applications in the industrial sector namely in space- and process-heating, powering industrial ovens, production of food, kilns, furnaces, production of packing material.
Ravi Gas Service provides LPG Supply for your Automobile Industry, LPG is one of the best choices of energy in this particular industry. With Ravi Gas Service reliable top-up service, your business will receive a constant supply of energy, without even having to plan an order, keeping the wheels of your business turning.
Ravi Gas Service provides LPG Supply for your Heavy load Industries, our trusted partnership is meant to help your grow. After all, we share a part of the joy you feel when you see a happy customer.


Ravi Gas Service offers product and services to Hotel industry keeping in mind consumer safety and saving in mind. We also offer high quality LPG Hose and fuel efficient hotplates.
Ravi Gas Service provides LPG Supply for your hotel / restaurant / catering / Hospitals as per the requirement. With Ravi Gas Service quick and hassle-free service, it’s easy to switch your fuel or your supplier.
Ravi Gas Service is marching towards the new era & adopting innovative ideas time to time this is the reason why it opted & brought ahead its own brand in LPG Packed cylinder section for Tea Kiosks. Revolution & entrepreneurship is seen in every section at Ravi Gas Service



Plot No, 352, Rd Number C6A, Block C, Ardee City, Sector 52, Gurugram, Haryana 122003


Domestic LPG query – 09868251750
Commercial LPG query – 092051 23928


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