Now dry, cure or bake components much better than before

Be it chemical processing or food production or even electronics, with LPG, you can run your oven like a boss. While the products come out with a better finish, LPG also helps you save on fuel and maintenance costs. The efficiency that you obtain from LPG is unparalleled and it also helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

Switching fuel or switching operator – whatever you wish to do, BHARATGAS has got you covered. With our quick and hassle free services and minimal paperwork, you can start work within a short span. Add to that are our maintenance services and prompt customer support team of industry experts who are there round the clock and calendar to assist you with everything.

One fuel, immense possibilities

Now, whatever you do, you can do it with LPG

LPG has multiple benefits and numerous applications. It has been changing the industrial landscape ever since it came into existence. An exceptionally flexible and safe fuel, it is economical and safe for the environment and requires little maintenance. And this isn’t it. What makes LPG even better? The touch of BHARATGAS.

Be it any application, our superior grade LPG helps you make the most of your industrial unit. Switching your fuel or changing to BHARATGAS is quick, easy and hassle-free and requires minimal documentation and paperwork. Our prompt services ensure you operate without any difficulties. With an extraordinary fuel such as LPG, we hope you do something good.

Seed Drying

In seed drying, where the moisture content of seeds is reduced up to 13% for enhanced seed quality and higher storage life, LPG can provide you greater efficiency. With precise temperature control and an upper hand over natural drying, LPG as a fuel is a much better alternative for seed drying.


LPG is used to produce high quality paper and packaging material like corrugated sheets, rolls and boxes which are used for packaging medicines. Besides being used in Hot Water Generators and Boilers, LPG can be used in Direct Firing Systems to manufacture these items.

Ceramic Industry

In ceramic industry, LPG is used in kilns and furnaces to manufacture porcelain, earthenware, tableware, sanitary ware and tiles etc. With greater heat transfer efficiency and better temperature control, the finished products are of superior quality

Textile Industry

In textile industry, LPG is used to perform various finishing processes such as Singeing, Calendaring, drying fabric after printing and for steam generation.

Plastic Industry

In plastics industry, LPG is used for heating in injection molding and rot molding to produce a wide variety of plastic articles.

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