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Oxy-fuel Cutting is indispensible in industry today and in this sense perhaps the greatest event in the field was the discovery around the year 1885 by Mr. Thomas Fletcher, of Warrington, England, that steel could be cut by means of jet of oxygen directed on to a portion of it previously heated to red heat. Although the possibility of oxygen cutting was appreciated as early as in the year 1885, its commercial application started 20 years later. Since then oxy-fuel cutting has produced far reaching changes in industrial practices relating to cutting and shaping of steel.

In the Indian petroleum industry, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has been a pioneer in setting new standards. It has now revolutionized the world of cutting, welding and brazing by introducing an innovative product. Traditionally, cutting of metal has been done using Oxy-Acetylene mixture. Acetylene is expensive and has availability constraints. BPCL has painstakingly studied the needs of the industry which needs to cut metal and came up with Bharat Metal Cutting Gas (BMCG), an ideal substitute for Acetylene. BMCG offers superior cutting at a low cost and is an ideal fuel for cutting and brazing applications.

Advantage Of Bharat Metal Cutting Gas Are :

Bharat Metal Cutting Gas, also known as BMCG, is a specialized gas used in metal cutting processes. Here are some advantages of using Bharat Metal Cutting Gas:

Enhanced Cutting Performance: Bharat Metal Cutting Gas is specifically designed to improve the cutting performance of metal cutting processes. It provides a stable and controlled heat source, resulting in efficient and precise cutting.

Faster Cutting Speeds: BMCG enables higher cutting speeds, allowing for increased productivity and reduced processing time. This advantage is particularly beneficial for industries that require high-volume metal cutting operations.

Improved Cut Quality: The use of Bharat Metal Cutting Gas leads to clean and smooth cuts, minimizing post-cutting processing requirements. This aspect helps to maintain the integrity and aesthetics of the cut metal surface.

Reduced Material Waste: The precise control and stability of BMCG enable optimized cutting, minimizing material wastage. This advantage not only saves costs

Major Sectors Using BMCG Are-

  • Railways
  • Shipyards
  • Steel Plants
  • Power plants
  • Cement Plants
  • Sugar factories
  • Fertilizers plants
  • Manufacturing units
  • Heavy Engineering Companies
  • Refinery and petrochemical
  • Textile industries
  • Infrastructure & projects companies
  • Telecom
  • Automobile
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