Safety is priceless, invest in it

Stay alert for any noticeable signs of leakage

Gas leakage has always been a matter of high risk at industrial facilities, hence being prepared to prevent and handle such a situation is highly essential. Any kind of leakage suspected should be taken care of immediately to be safe from any hazardous incident. Being one of the leading LPG suppliers in RAVI GAS SERVICE ensures the safety of its customers before anything else.

Stay safe with these steps


Ensure adequate ventilation and raise alarm or shout in case of leakage.

Try and keep the cylinders in a cool place and at a safe distance from sparks, flames and high heat.

Avoid using LPG in windy situations and immediately suspend all operations in case of unsafe situations.

Put on safety cap and place the LPG cylinder in an open area when suspected valve leakage.

Read operating instructions mentioned by the manufacturer carefully before use


Don’t keep your LPG cylinder in the horizontal position. The right way to use the cylinder is upright.

Keep the cylinder away from any direct or indirect heat.

Do not connect the cylinder without checking valve and ‘O’ ring.

Don’t let the unused and unconnected LPG cylinders hanging around.

Don’t let any unauthorized person enter the cylinder area.

Don’t use battery-operated or electrical devices in and around the LPG shed.

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